Test Shoot: Ashley Letizia @ CLICK Models, Port City Models & Talent

I love working with Ashley! She was one of the first agency models I shot with when starting out. Since the initial shoot, we have been working together on multiple commercial and editorial projects for over a year now! 



This photo shoot was one of my favorites with her. We had Nicky and Grace on hair and makeup (who we have also been working with for the past year). We shared new developments in our lives, and many laughs...but also managed to get some work done. 

Beauty Look: Benefit Cosmetics "Bling Brow"

For this shoot, we had some beautiful lace garments from my friend Olga Kvitko NYC (you can view her latest collection here), as well as others. 

I always save the best for last! 

I feel very fortunate to have such amazing people/ creative talent to work with! Looking forward to the opportunities of 2015, and to always strive to improve and better invest in myself. 

BIG NEWS! I will be leaving for Miami this February to test with one of the largest agencies in the world! Can't wait to share many, many new photos and content with you all, once I depart! 

Also, check out Ashley's model site here: ASHLEY LETIZIA 

Also, check out her AMAZING model profile video: 

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My 6 Tips to Staying Motivated as a Fashion Photographer.

There are aspects to a fashion photographer’s life people do not understand. At times, it can be a very difficult, frustrating, and a highly demanding job; even the best photogs in the business can find daunting. Our lives are overwhelming at times, and can be draining both mentally and physically. Learning to manage stressful situations and a busy schedule can seem impossible at first, but worry not, it get’s better. 

Photographers are constantly working on pervious, current, and future productions. They are working on retouching photos, booking talent (models, assistants, etc), and location; sometimes staying up all night to finish photos from last week’s shoot. People do not understand the time that goes into retouching after the shoot. It’s stressful and overwhelming at times to realize how much you have on your plate. Giving up is always in the back of your mind; every photographer in the business has thought about it at one point (you are NOT alone). 

My best tips for staying positive and motivated are:


1- Find what you love about being a fashion photographer and instill it back into your routine. For me it was working with an amazing team and meeting new talent. So I am always searching the development section of agencies to see a new face that inspires a new idea. 


2- Stay creative and inspired; if you see or hear something that inspires and motivates you, work on a system to incorporate it into a new project (whether it be in the wardrobe, makeup, or overall theme of the shoot). Stay driven to improve yourself and your work and you will always stay inspired.


3- Try something new. Try shooting with different lighting set-ups, color gels, or light modifiers. If you shoot mostly inside, try shooting on location…and vise-versa. Push yourself to be different! and unique!  


4-Take a break. When you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, take a breather and know everything will be fine. Worrying about the small stuff will only cause you to suffer. Learn what helps you stay organized; I keep lists to keep myself prioritized and organized. Learn what works best for you and utilize it to your advantage. 


5- Do NOT compare yourself to other photographers, especially the greats; or view everything as a competition. This habit is bad for many reasons, in short, you’re only hurting yourself and your growth as an artist. Instead, compare your work against itself six months ago, if there is not any development…you need to work on it and find ways to do so. Have a friend or trusted colleague with similar tastes give feedback. 


6- DO NOT take criticism personally as an attack to you as an artist. I understand it’s hard to hear your favorite photograph that you spent hours retouching and getting just right, isn't working well with audience…just move on. There will be other photographs in the future that will inspire and excite you more than the last. Learn what mistakes you made and start working on how to fix them.

Behind the Scenes: Andrea Kostovick @ Maggie INC

I've been meaning to publish a BTS video for quite some time now; it feels very fulfilling to see one put together. Keep in mind, this is my first attempt at any sort of video work; plus, a lot of the frames were not shot by myself. 

With that said, I am very happy to share this video with all of you. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do...I can see a fashion film coming in the near future. 


Thank you for all your support and help: 

Nicky, Grace, Natalie, and Andrea for helping  make the video come to life. 

I also want to thank: Matthew @ Maggie INC for putting everything together. 

Music by: Lana Del Rey - Blue jeans (piano cover by @andrixbest) 

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Test Shoot- Andrea @ Maggie INC

I had the wonderful opportunity to test with Andrea, who is signed at Maggie INC in Boston. When the booker at Maggie INC sent over the development packet, I immediately noticed her striking features.

I planned the test shoot to be a coat editorial; filled with beautiful furs and vintage apparel. We were fortunate enough to shoot with some amazing Chanel, Dior, and Neiman Marcus pieces. 

It was such a pleasure to shoot with an amazing team of individuals. Our editorial will be featured in Jute Magazine in November.


Model: Andrea @ Maggie INC

MUA: Grace Remillard; Nicky Cavalieri

Stylist: Rita Farley


New Gear and Announcements!!

I am very excited to announce that I ordered Profoto lights for my studio/ location work. I decided it was finally time to upgrade to a nice system (rather than relying on speed-lights for everything). Profoto lights are known for their consistent color temperature and light output. I cannot wait to break them in and start shooting with them ASAP! 


On another note: I am very fortunate/ excited to start working with a new retoucher; with whom I will be collaborating on some new projects. We already started to compile mood boards, clothing ideas, as well as potential locations...needless to say it will be AMAZING! I cannot wait to get working on this new project and share some BTS images with all of you.

Stay tuned for more! 


Beginner's Guide to Fashion Photography

Part 1: Defining Your Style 

Photographers are known for their personal style. Defining a style of work is not something that occurs overnight. It takes dedication and countless patience to achieve.  For example, everyone has seen Annie Leibovitz’s Vanity Fair, and Vogue covers over the past twenty years. Her style is recognizable at a glance, but it took years to develop and cultivate. The point is, dedication and perseverance will eventually lead to success in your craft. 

A personal style or body of work is recognizable by a universal trait; the series have a similar theme or motif highlighted by a person, place, or thing. 

There are many different styles of fashion and portrait photography. It is important for a photographer to define his or her personal style. Your style is the overall look of your work. Does your work evoke thought? Is it dark and surrealistic? Is your work moody and dark? Is it bright and happy? Is it euphoric and high-fashion? Developing a style is important for photographers to set themselves apart from the pack to gain the attention of agencies, art directors, and editors. 

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is “what do I like shooting?” What type of fashion photography do you enjoy shooting the most? Lifestyle? Beauty? High-fashion? 

Lifestyle photography is a style of portrait which aims to capture real-life events, and situations in an artistic manner. Warm, happy, smiley, energetic, and peppy are all adjectives which describe lifestyle photography. Whenever I think of lifestyle photography, I think of people laughing around a table at a trendy restaurant, or running nonchalantly through a sun-kissed meadow. They almost always seem to be smiling and having a good time. This style of work is not typically my first choice. I enjoy being more expressive and dramatic with my work. Not that I have anything against this style of work, I respect it and admire it for many of its qualities. I have not found this style enjoyable or fulfilling for my artistic needs. 

Photo by: redphoto.com 

Photo by: redphoto.com 

Another style of fashion photography is beauty. Tight shots and close-ups of intricate makeups, perfect hair-styles, and amazing eyes. Beauty photography is one of my favorite themes of fashion photography because of its mystery. Big beauty campaigns, perfume ads, and lots of money are all things associated with this style of photography. This style is seen in every department store. Think about the cosmetic, fragrance, hair and skincare sections of store. These photos are all examples of beauty fashion photography. Its everywhere! There is a large market for beauty photographers, and this style can make you known in the industry. 

Photo copyright: Dolce and Gabbana 

Photo copyright: Dolce and Gabbana 

The final major style of fashion photography is high-fashion. Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, and Elle are all examples of high-fashion publications. Amazingly intricate editorials with perfect lighting and top-notch styling and fashion. This style is my favorite and is what I incorporate into my work. The intricacy of the clothes, and the variety with jewelry etc all make this style so unique. There is never a limit or peak to high-fashion...there is never an end to pushing the envelope. 

I define my style as elegant and classical, with a moody and avant- garde flare. I primarily shoot fashion and portraiture for my personal work and for publications/ clients. 

It is important to figure out which style of photography you enjoy. Figuring this out will help you define your style and set yourself apart. 


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Fort Williams/ Cape Elizabeth Fashion Shoot

The location was stupendous. We were fortunate enough to have amazing clothing for this shoot; pieces from Gucci, CHANEL, and from the designer Dagmar Klosenski (www.sashcouture.com). The process began with hair and makeup, which lasted roughly two hours or so (give or take). The look we were working to achieve was not elaborate or unnatural; the makeup artist had time to prepare and execute the look quickly. We began to shoot down in one of the coves, on the lower parts of the beach. 

At the first location, I immediately noticed problems with the setting; there were many lose rocks... some of which were covered in green slime that was slippery, and many uncontrollable elements such as wind. The model was brave and courageous to put up with my direction. She walked onto a rock formation surrounded by water. While posing and working the camera, she faced crashing waves, gusts of wind, and groups of people spectating. I was worried she would fall, multiple times; at one point, we called-it-quits and evacuated to a higher ground due to the increasing tide. Needless to say, we got the shot after escaping to a rock wall in the cove. 

The second location produced most of this editorial. There were areas with beautiful flower gardens, large slabs of granite, and areas that mimicked tropical jungle. I was very satisfied with the results from this location. We shot the Gucci with an amazing white rose petal bolero, and a gold chain-link belt. The look was beautiful! The next look was an amazing top by Dagmar, with embellishments on the sleeves; we coupled this amazing top with a vintage CHANEL skirt. This was my favorite look of the day. 

The last location was at the fort itself. We shot on the beach, and the landing/ cliffside on the opposite side of the fort. We had two amazing dresses, and a beautiful fur coat.  My favorite shot form this location was when I had the model rest on the edge of a rock, over looking the ocean. This shot was especially interesting because of the change in perspective, making the ocean look like the sky. This was the closing to the shoot; we all left that day feeling proud and accomplished! 

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***Model: Ashley @ Port City Models and Talent (http://www.portcitymodels.com/)***

MUA: Nicky Cavalieri and Grace Remillard 

Designer/ Stylist: Dagmar Klosenski (http://www.sashcouture.net/index.html)