Fort Williams/ Cape Elizabeth Fashion Shoot

The location was stupendous. We were fortunate enough to have amazing clothing for this shoot; pieces from Gucci, CHANEL, and from the designer Dagmar Klosenski ( The process began with hair and makeup, which lasted roughly two hours or so (give or take). The look we were working to achieve was not elaborate or unnatural; the makeup artist had time to prepare and execute the look quickly. We began to shoot down in one of the coves, on the lower parts of the beach. 

At the first location, I immediately noticed problems with the setting; there were many lose rocks... some of which were covered in green slime that was slippery, and many uncontrollable elements such as wind. The model was brave and courageous to put up with my direction. She walked onto a rock formation surrounded by water. While posing and working the camera, she faced crashing waves, gusts of wind, and groups of people spectating. I was worried she would fall, multiple times; at one point, we called-it-quits and evacuated to a higher ground due to the increasing tide. Needless to say, we got the shot after escaping to a rock wall in the cove. 

The second location produced most of this editorial. There were areas with beautiful flower gardens, large slabs of granite, and areas that mimicked tropical jungle. I was very satisfied with the results from this location. We shot the Gucci with an amazing white rose petal bolero, and a gold chain-link belt. The look was beautiful! The next look was an amazing top by Dagmar, with embellishments on the sleeves; we coupled this amazing top with a vintage CHANEL skirt. This was my favorite look of the day. 

The last location was at the fort itself. We shot on the beach, and the landing/ cliffside on the opposite side of the fort. We had two amazing dresses, and a beautiful fur coat.  My favorite shot form this location was when I had the model rest on the edge of a rock, over looking the ocean. This shot was especially interesting because of the change in perspective, making the ocean look like the sky. This was the closing to the shoot; we all left that day feeling proud and accomplished! 

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***Model: Ashley @ Port City Models and Talent (***

MUA: Nicky Cavalieri and Grace Remillard 

Designer/ Stylist: Dagmar Klosenski (